Membership Benefits

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Active Membership

Commissioners, superintendents, chiefs and command staff members, national, state, provincial, county, municipal police departments, directors, agent in charge or equivalent.

Associate Membership

Non-law enforcement personnel, retired former members, staff members from law enforcement associations, CEO of Miami-Dade County municipals, law enforcement organization personnel.

Honorary Membership

Members the Association chooses to honor with such membership.

Life-Active Membership

Members afforded permanent membership regardless of their membership qualification status, including all past Presidents and any other person deemed by unanimous vote of the membership to be deserving of this honor.

Life-Inactive Membership

Past presidents or others designated as life members that are no longer active.

Sponsoring Membership

Coming soon...

Associate members enjoy the same privileges as active members except those of holding office and voting.

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Miami-Dade County Association of Chiefs of Police

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    Active - Dues $200 (Initiation +$25 - Total $225)Associate - Dues $300 (Initiation +$25 - Total $325)Honorary (Free)Life-Active - Dues $90Life-Inactive - Dues $50



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