In 1937, a group of Dade County Chief's formed a corporation now known as the Miami Dade County Association of Chiefs of Police.

The original 20 members set up their guidelines and recommendations for the positive furtherance of policing in Dade County.

Our Dade Chiefs' "founding fathers" had the foresight to set up the association in a manner that was fair and unbiased, with the intent of a long-lasting entity. While creating the bylaws of the organization, they realized to have a cohesive transformation of leadership a series of chairs was needed.

There would be a president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer; however, to maintain a viable transition, only a treasurer would be elected each year, with the intention of moving up the chairs and eventually becoming president.

This process allows the new treasurer to serve for three years before assuming the role of president. When the new president takes office, he succeeds the former president and all the chairs move up one position.

This assures no one person could dominate the organization with repeated terms as president.

In addition, they decided no two members of the same agency could sit as board members at the same time.

Since the creation of this positive organization, MDCACP has grown from the original 20 members to over 500 members.