Our Vision is to promote and enhance the administration and professionalism of law enforcement and public security through the provision of superior police protection for all our citizens and visitors. 

About us

The Miami-Dade County Association of Chiefs of Police is a premier member organization; the purpose of which is to promote efficient law enforcement services through the cooperation and coordination of all law enforcement agencies and our public safety stakeholders throughout Miami-Dade County.

MDCACP serves municipal police departments, Miami-Dade Corrections, College and University Police, private businesses and security firms, as well as federal and state law enforcement agencies. 


In 1937, a group of Dade County Chiefs formed a corporation, now known as the Miami Dade County Association of Chiefs of Police. The original 20 members set up their guidelines and recommendations for the positive furtherance of policing in Dade County.

Our Dade Chiefs' "founding fathers" had the foresight to set up the association in a manner that was fair and unbiased, with the intent of a long-lasting entity. While creating the bylaws of the organization, they realized to have a cohesive transformation of leadership a series of chairs was needed.

Meet our Executive Team

Deputy Chief Samuel Bejar


Agency: North Bay Village Police Department

Deputy Chief Pete Delgado


Agency: West Miami Police Department

Chief Luis Cabrera


Agency: Biscayne Park Police Department

Chief Michael Bentolila


Agency: Aventura Police Department

Chief Delma Noel-Pratt

Past President

Chief Rene Landa

Past President / Officer Wellness Program

Major David De La Espriella

Community Relations

Ret Asst. Director Irve Heller

Sergeant of Arms

Chief Raleigh Flowers

Awards / Officer of the Month

Asst. Chief Mike Mills (Ret)

Badge / Reception

Janet Lewis, Esq.

Bylaws / Legal & Legislative

Ivonne Villar, Esq.

Bylaws / Legal & Legislative

Chief David Golt


Chief Richard Clements

Legal & Legislative

Major Talibah Simmons


Chief Ian. A. Moffett (Ret)

Juvenile Justice Matters

Chief Edwin López

Juvenile Justice Matters

Chief Michael Bentolila

Media / Website

Commander Joseph Schaefer


Major William Washa

Nominating (Elections) & Traffic Safety

Captain Steven Feldman


Commander Kimberly Caruso


Asst Chief Charles Nanney

Officer Wellness Program

Chief Jason Cohen

Electronic BOLO System


Honoring Our Officers of the Month

Each month, the Awards Committee selects deserving Miami-Dade County law enforcement officers for the prestigious Officer of the Month designation based on meritorious performance.

This Month's Lunch:

Congratulations to HCT Certified Public Accountants & Consultants, LLC in Recognition and Sincere Appreciation of Your Distinguished Service As a Partner. Congratulations to Chief Mirtha Ramos, Commander Roberto Navarro and Austin Downing for getting their Certificate of Membership in Miami-Dade County Association of Chiefs of Police!

This Month's officers of the month:

Congratulations to Det. David Murado and Det. Alan Castellanos as the @MiamiDadeChiefs Officers of the Month.

This month's officer of the month:

Here is the Officer of the Month for December 2018. Miami Police Department Officer Anthony Corral.

This month's officers of the month:

Holiday luncheon to celebrate our Officers of the Month from @NorthMiamiPD. Special thanks to all the sponsors who assist in acknowledging all of the incredible work done every day in our County. #HappyHolidays

This month's officers of the month:

This month's officer of the month:

Last night we honored @MiamiDadePD Ofc Devon Dolam for his heroic actions during the tragic @FIU bridge collapse. He represents the thousands of heroes working every day to serve the community of Miami-Dade. We were honored and proud to recognize him.

This month's officer of the month:

Honoring our Ofc of the Month Det. Manuel Gonzalez of @MiamiDadePD for his heroism in the face of danger and a tribute to his strength and courage. He represents the thousands of officers that do exemplary work each and every day in Miami-Dade county.

This month's officers of the month:

Congratulations to DPD Sgt. Celis, Ofc’s R. Cuan, A. Tellez, S. Demby & @MiamiDadePD Ofc. J. Azrak as the @MiamiDadeChiefs Officers of the Month for their courageous actions in the face of an active shooter.


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